Google Pay Diwali offers | ₹251 and a chance to win ₹1 Lakh!.

Google Pay Diwali offers

New Special Offer From Google Pay in this Diwali Festival. Along with the Scratch Cards, they are offering a new type of Earing and Claiming Money. The Main Concept Promo showing, Collect all 5 stamps to get ₹251 and a chance to win ₹1 Lakh!.

You Need to Update Your Google Pay App If Diwali Offer is Not Appearing.

Stamps are named with Jumka, Flower, Diya, lantern and Rangoli. Stamps are Given out Randomly, You can get Multiples in the Sigle Stamp also, You need to collect all the 5 to Claim the Gift.

Offer till 31 Oct 2019 11:9 Pm.


Here we go with the Collection Process.

  • Pay ₹35 or More
  • Use the Diwali Scanner
  • Gift

Join Here if you’re not yet Registered in Google Pay

1. Pay ₹35 Or More

This type of Stamps Collection: You can Collect Stamps through the Google Pay app by sending Money, recharge your Mobile, Pay a bill or business. the min amount to collect the Stamp in this category is min of ₹35. Daily collection limit is 5 stamps per day in this.

2. Diwali Scan

Scan a Lighted Diya Near You.

3. Send Stamp Gift

In this Category, We can Send Stamps to Friends. If you have more than 1 in single stamp, You can send it to your friends and by sending to frind you can get a random Stamp back as a Gift. There is also a daily 5 limit.

So Total You can collect Maximum of 15 Stamps in a Day.

There is More Terms and Conditions of Diwali Gifts from Google Pay. Learn More about in the App.

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