Credit Card Bill Payment Offers, Cashback

Credit card companies often provide various offers and promotions to encourage cardholders to make timely payments or spend more using their credit cards. Here are some common credit card bill payment offers you might come across:

  1. Cashback or Rewards Points: Some credit cards offer cashback or rewards points when you make on-time payments or meet a minimum spending requirement.
  2. Zero-Interest Balance Transfer: Credit card issuers may offer promotional periods during which you can transfer balances from other cards to your new card with zero or low interest rates.
  3. Discounts on Interest Rates: Some credit card companies offer reduced interest rates or APRs as a reward for making on-time payments over a certain period. These lower rates can help you save on interest charges.
  4. Waived Annual Fees: Credit card issuers may waive the annual fee for a year or offer a reduced fee if you meet certain spending or payment criteria.
  5. Bonus Miles or Travel Credits: Travel rewards credit cards often provide bonus miles or travel credits when you make eligible purchases, which can be used for flights, hotels, or other travel expenses.
  6. Statement Credits: Certain credit cards provide statement credits as incentives for meeting a specific spending threshold within a designated period, which can then be applied towards reducing the cost of future purchases.
  7. Late Payment Forgiveness: Some credit card issuers may forgive your first late payment fee as a goodwill gesture, especially if you have a history of on-time payments.
  8. Higher Credit Limits: Responsible credit card usage and on-time payments can lead to an increase in your credit limit, which can provide more flexibility for your spending needs.
  9. Deferred Interest Financing: Certain credit cards offer deferred interest financing for specific purchases, allowing you to pay off a balance over time without accruing interest if you meet the terms of the offer.
  10. Charitable Donations: Some credit cards allow you to donate a portion of your cashback or rewards points to charitable organizations.

Remember that these offers are subject to change, and eligibility may vary based on your creditworthiness and the specific terms and conditions set by the credit card issuer.

1. Cred App

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2. Amazon Prime

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3. Google Pay

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4. PhonePay

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5. Paytm

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6. Mobikwik

Use mobikwik for the cashback


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