MIUI 12.5 Features Indian Version

Let’s talk about MIUI, especially about 12.5 it came in Redmi Note 10S & in Xiaomi’s word it is a small incremental update. They focus on faster & cleaner UI. We will also talk about the Chinese MIUI 12.5 update, as MIUI 12.5 is running on Xiaomi Mi 11.

There is one major difference & this I do not like. While the Chinese version gets 10 new items, the Indian version only gets 1 new item. You will be surprised when I talk about it. Changelog – Redmi Note 10S – Let’s see only this

As I said Xiaomi executives say they are focusing on faster and cleaner UI with the Indian MIUI 12.5 update. Yes, we are talking about Chinese MIUI 12.5 features. Some features are great but before that subscribe to our channel & hit the bell icon for all the latest updates.

The Mi 11 flagship phone & Redmi Note 10S 15K phone so there is some difference between them. But the Indian version does not have the privacy features that you get in Chinese 12.5.

For e.g. There is a vague location feature that does not share your actual location but approximately 15-20m. Yes, you can with the Chinese 12.5 update. There is also clipboard protection which helps you to protect your clipboard data & Third-party apps do not have access to your clipboard. Also, you can disable metadata before sharing your media files on social media. It is not available in Indian 12.5.

Camera Access – The Chinese version blocks all apps that use the camera in the background. It is not available in the Indian version again. Lastly, the biggest feature – private space – is that you can encrypt all your private files and data in private space so that no one can access it. This feature is also missing in Indian 12.5

These are some important privacy features & they can be included in the Indian version. Let’s talk about other features – animations – yes they have improved animations. In the Indian version they worked on it again but not in detail .. so there is a slight change in the animation…

We tested this 12.5 update on the Indian Redmi Note 10S and it is faster and more responsive & optimized than ever before. The new haptic feedback is impressive at Chinese 12.5. Sound & Haptics experience the next level when you increase/decrease the volume. It gives you an impressive feeling. I hope it comes in the Indian version as soon as possible.

System Apps – If you are annoyed by system notifications, you can remove some of those apps in the 12.5 updates..9 apps are still on the phone, but others can be removed. There are some features that are not currently available in the Indian version, but are expected to come soon with upcoming updates

Xiaomi says get apps to update your system apps & also install them if you uninstall your system apps .. so they are going to keep it. The changes they make are close to nature – notification sounds, ringtones with themes like the arctic, savannah that provide specific animal sounds & experience. I was impressed.

Super wallpapers included – Indian specific wallpapers should also be added as super wallpapers. There is a new MIUI + beta feature. It’s very useful for transferring files, sending your clipboard data to your laptop or tablet. Also, you can sync notifications .. they bring different devices closer.

Notes – Both the Chinese & Indian versions get updated features – e.g. With this latest update you can take audio notes, create mind maps and even create graffiti. Volume Animations – It’s good that the animations you get when you increase / decrease the volume are changed in two versions. Indian 12.5 update does not have 80-90% of features

In fact, I’ve only talking about important features here but there are more features like themes, browser update, Xiaomi cloud, home screen floating windows. All these have been updated with new features not available in the Indian 12.5 version

Bug fixes – Redmi Note 10S 12.5 has just been released and we use it a lot and we will let you know but my first opinion .. yes it is faster, cleaner & better. That’s for sure. In India, it should not be called 12.5. But naming 12.01, 12.1, 12.2 instead would be more ideal. 12.5 seems like a big jump, but it’s not special with the Indian update.

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