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What is SSD Storage?

When we first time hear about SSD the question comes, what is a solid state drive?  SSD is Replacement and Updated Version to HDD, it’s bit Faster than Traditional hard drives or storage Drives. This SSD Gives Better Experience than HDD.

This Storage Device Design also Different compare to our widely using drives. These Drives have Better Read/Write Rate. SSD is available for Both PC and Laptop.

When I upgrade my Storage Device, Replaced my old HDD with SSD, Im shocked. My PC Booting time is 2 times faster than Old one. Softares Opening, Saving Edited Files are Double Faster than Hard Disk. My Battery also 10-20% increased. Now i can operate my Laptop more time without connecting Charger.

Fast Booting PC, Speed Loading Files and Software in PC.

Apple, Samsung like Brands widely using Thesis storage Drives. Few are along with HDD and few are only SSD. They get faster and long battery life.

Solid State Drives, SSD Low Price Buy online

Difference between SSD and HDD?

By technology improvement, we can get Best with low price. Compare to HDD, SSD’s are Quite Different in Construction and the Function. SSD VS HDD There is no moving part inside like widely using Hard drives.

ssd vs hdd

SSD Advantages:

These are the SSD’s Main Benefits compare to Hard Disk Drives

  • Low Battery, Power Usage
  • Fast Loading
  • Low weight
  • High Shockproof than HDD
  • higher Average Input/output Operations Per Second
  • Less Noise or No Noise From SSD

This Drives Power consumption is very low. Loading time is faster than Normal Using drives; Booting and Opening software are bit faster. Rendering and Transferring, copying is faster comparing to HDD. Less weight. No Noise will come from SSD.

When we Drop the HDD we may lose the Data that gives Click, Clack, noise. That’s may not to happens to SSDs. We may See Faster than SSD in Future.


  • High Cost-Compare to HDD

The only con in SSD is Cost, it’s expensive compared to HDD. With offers we can get the best price, in a few years we may get these drive at an affordable price. 3 years ago this drives cost is more than 3 times compare to nowadays cost.

SSD Speed Test

You can See below Read and Write speeds of the SSD. Its Reaching Avg. 450+ MB/s Read Speed and 300+ MB/s Write Speed. when compared to HDD its Hard to Reach 150 MB/s Read and Write Speeds. So, the Solid State Drive is Twice and More Faster than ordinary widely Using Hard Disks.

Its easy to save time using SSD, Opening apps and Rendering is Little bit faster, Yes We tested. Upgrade your PC/Laptop with New technology of storage.

SSD Speed Test

Turn Off defragmentation.

There are no moving parts in SSD, don’t need Defragment to it. So, you have to turn off defragmentation to this Drive.

 SSD Buy Online

Many companies offer SSD. When we compare with HDD, SSD is Faster. All SSD are providing good speed than HDD, Fastest SSD so No doubt in Purchasing the SSD. Different capacity’s are available 120GB, 128gb SSD, 240GB,250GB, SSD 256GB, 500GB, 1TB etc,. Online Stores like Amazon, Flipkart This 120 GB SSD cost around ₹2200.

Depend on Your budget you can purchase different capacities if you have low budget try to use SSD only for C drive to run OS.

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